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Lastest Report on LOZ

Lake level this time of year is low in preparation for spring rains. It's about 6 feet lower than it is in the summer. It's normal for this time of the year and it does make some thing difficult. The water temp is upper 40's and slowly warming. Crappie fishing has been exceptional the last several months. They love the cold water. Bass and Catfish love the warm water. The average fishermen should expect good crappie fishing until things warm up and after that switch gears to bass and catfish. I have had a very good winter guiding and fishing tournaments. I won one tournament and had several high finishes in the money or just out of the money. As we transition into spring I will be doing less tournaments and more guide trips. 7-8 guide trips a week is not uncommon and my schedule is un predictable as the weather is also hard to plan. Call or text me for open dates. Sometimes texting is best because a lot of times I have my hands full on the water. You can always email me

Bass right now are slow to commit to the banks. Alabama rigs are still the bait I have the most confidence in but some people struggle with them. Tackle HD makes some really good swimbaits have a nice subtle action that match up well with the a rig harness. Bottom baits like Crock-O-Gator swamp bugs are also working and will be a big trend as fish continue to spread out and up onto the banks. Jerkbaits like the Berkley Stunna are not a bad option as they have been reliable for months here all though the colder months. Ned rigs will play soon. E-Factor Spinnerbaits in the more off colored water will be tournament fishermen's other options to the Alabama rig.

Crappie fishing is doing very well. Much, much more consistent and should continue to be for the next several weeks. Corking is a ton of fun. Straight Tackle HD baby shads on light line 4pound is versatile (casting, shooting, shallow, deep).

White bass and Catfish trips will start up when things warm up.

I help several other companies with fishing reports. Every other week I have been submitting a report for Tackle HD. This is roughly a 10 minute video report for You Tube and Facebook. Every Thursday morning I do a radio report at 640 am on KRMS. I believe they replay it on Saturday mornings. is a membership website all about lake of the Ozarks and I have helped him out for years. Lately his health hasn't been very good so I have submitted dozens of reports so far this year and it's not even April yet. So my webite gets the least updates but you can always email me, call, or text as I am very accessible. 573 434 2570


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