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2017 mid summer fishing report

I've been on the water 97 out of the last 100 days so I've got a few things working. First off the bass are still biting great. Particularly on the lower end of the lake has been hot with a steady flow of water being pulled out the dam. The big 10 inch Berkley worm on a magnum shaky head has been #1 in my lineup everyday. Heavy football jigs are great for triggering a reaction strike out deep too. Other techniques that are working are the drop shot, finesse worms, swimbaits. Look kind of shallow in the mornings on the main lake points and as the day wears on concentrate in 23 feet of water near the drop off into much deeper water. Electronics can help for sure. Crappie fishing in the summer can be challenging. Once again the lower end has been the best area this summer. Keep in mind I live and fish the more mid lake area so it's been worth it for me to drive several miles to the lower end/north shore area. Now the crappie are grouped up on several main lake docks . They are taking advantage of the docks with current. They are moving deeper as the water is clearing. Crappie prefer the mornings as boat traffic can hinder the afternoon crappie bite much more than the bass/catfish bite. Now the catfish bite and really the blue cat bite has really turned on just recently as the weather has started getting hot. Blue cats are a little different than what some recreational fishermen view catfishing as just waiting and being patient for a bite. Blues are more aggressive and we typically troll for them this time of the year. This morning was a good example of a good catfish bite where we landed 17-19 catfish with a few young ones less than a pound, several eaters 2-3lbs, and a 20lb big blue! My customers were delighted to bring home several nice fillets for a family fish fry. The mid lake area around TanTarA Resort has been the best for me catfishing. Good Luck fishing Everyone

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