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Why Choose Jack's Guide Service and Customer Referrals

How I started


I started at 16 working in the local tackle store.  I moved to Southwest Missouri to attend collage and more importantly, to work for Bass Pro Shops.  After fishing tournaments with some success at age 23, I decided to try taking people out fishing for hire. I then decided to move to the recently voted #1 recreational lake in the country to live and work. These small steps eventually got me to where I was able to grow my bussiness to full time work in 2008. It's been a lot of hard work, so much more than people realize, but worth it in the end. It's who I am and what I was meant to do. Even after thousands of trips I still throughly enjoy helping people catch fish. That's really my goal and where I get the most enjoyment out of life, is when I help someone succeed in fishing.

Why Jack's Guide Service?


Working in the fishing industry since I was a kid has put me in so many situations. I have been able to help everyone become a little bit better of a fisherman. This lake is a special lake. This area, the rivers are unique in that you won't find anywhere else quite like here. I spend 300 days a year outside and there is a rule about the outdoors; nothing stays the same for very long. While this "whatever" was working, things do change.  That's why being a multi-species guide has saved countless trips from being an ok outing to a fishing adventure they won't forget.  What hurts the crappie fishing can lead to great bass fishing. When the main lake is tough the rivers are good. When the catfish turn off because of the wind the white bass turn on. These are just examples of the dozens of situations that come into play. My days are always different.  They are always unique to my customers needs or wants. 

I've taken a lot of guided fishing trips over the years.  I think Jack is probably the best one I’ve fished with.  He knows the lake, he knows what techniques are working, and he’s a just a great guy to spend a day with.  I’ve done a lot of bass fishing over the years – but I never pitched around docks before.  He taught me the tricks and was very patient.  If you’re on vacation, go for it.  If you are thinking about a “customer trip” - even better!  I know I’m going back next year.

Signed – Matt, South Dakota

Hey Jack – thanks for the great day on the lake!  I really enjoyed learning how to fish deep water.  I’ve been bass fishing for years and never really learned this technique until now.  Also, thanks for taking some “time off” from the bass fishing to go get some white bass “for the pan.”  They were excellent!  I’m already planning my trip for next year.

Mike - Cedar Rapids Iowa


Alot of people come to the lake for various reasons, but I  am one of the people that came to the lake to fish. I consider myself a novice and always tried to fish but rarely caught much. So I decided it was time to hire an expert to show me the ropes. It was great! Jack took me out and with in minutes we were catching fish. Istead of calling Jack "Captain" we should call him "coach". For those interested in honing their skills I would highly recommend Jack's Guide Service.

Roger--Peoria, IL

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