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Water bottomed out and on the way up!

I've tried adding some reports but I am somehow not uploading them the right way. So hopefully this works. Bass fishing has been tough the last few weeks. Cold temps along with cold water has kept this big girls from doing to much. Bass in the one to two pound range have been very catchable it's just those tournament winning fish that have been tight lipped. Really the river bite for bass and crappie have been so strong it's hard to bass fish when in just a matter of hours you can be reeling in crappie after crappie. Late winter is very under estimated for crappie as they are very predictable and in large schools. I'm looking for them on rocky points on the lower end of the lake or any where the big blacks live in the lake. Corking is a technique that uses a bobber but there is a lot more to it than what most people think. A lot of subtleties go into this style of fishing. Most importantly it's the best crappie fishing of the whole year. Small bobber, small jig, twitch it, long pause, and look at your depth fisher to make sure you're where you need to be. Several big limits lately.

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