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Another new season here on Lake of the Ozarks. I started working in the fishing business in 97, that's been a while ago now. Crazy how things have changed and how expensive things are now. Used to be just a simple jon boat and I was happy. It's cool though, these new baits and electronics are really helpful. Covid has brought a lot more people into the sport. A lot of people are looking to get out of town and get outdoors. I've spent a bunch of time on the water already this year (and a good chunk of time up a tree stand this past fall!). My busy season starts here in about a month and goes through November. Crappie fishing is usually good this time of year but this year is going to be a whole new level. We must have had a really good spawn a couple years ago and the lake's population of crappie has just blown up. Bass numbers seem up also but that same year class needs another year before they qualify to be considered a keeper (15 inches). Lots of changes aroung the lake too. Lot more new homes and condos being built because you know, we don't have enough already. I really am concerned in 20 years we won't have any shore line to fish anymore with out docks. I fish a lot more off shore than I used to. With the forward facing sonar like Livescope it really makes it easier. More quality bass and more schools of crappie. We have always had a lot of off shore rock piles, drop offs, and man made brushpiles. Now we can see them easier. Not sure what's going to happen with Margaritaville (TanTarA). The boat ramp sold to a private group and it's being turned into a RV park. So what that means for my guide customers is I might be using the boat ramp at the State Park (pb2) or by Bagnel dam even more often. I will start using the boat ramp in Linn Creek more often too. I really stopped taking 3 person trips a couple years ago mostly because of Covid but also because so many of my customers are not experienced in fishing Lake of the Ozarks. The docks and rocks here get a lot of snags and people just aren't used to fishing those. Bass boats are really set up for fishing for 2 people so I usually just take 2 people. I fish some of the time, some times I don't. I've thought about buying a walleye boat or something but you just can't get behind the docks like you can with a bass boat. I'm really bad about updating this website for fishing reports, most of my reports are eaten up by Bob, with I've known Bob for probably 10 years now and if you are not a member of you're really missing out on a lot of good fishing information. March 1,2, and 3 will be the Toyota Series tournament again. That's the biggest tournament of the year and last year I was fortunate a to win over $11,000 at that event! I'd love to have another good event to start off the year again. Anyways my contact info is or 573 434 2570. Email me or text me with some dates you are looking to get on the water and I'll get back to you. March, April are busy, June, July, August are busy. I run a lot of trips and most of my trips are short 4 hour trips so a lot of times I can work you in after my first trip of later that day. Just call and find out, I'm flexible. Main thing is you'll need is a fishing permit and appropriate clothing. I have everything else.


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