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Mid Summer Report

Mid July here at Lake of the Ozarks and things have been busy. I've been running about 7 trips a week on average for several months now. Temps have been hot, like almost 100 degrees several days this year so I've been running a lot of my morning bass trips on the river below Bagnel dam. Water temp down there is around 67 degrees so it keeps us cool and there is a lot of shade. Most importantly is the bass are biting better down there compared to the main lake. I don't know why but the main lake has been tough a lot of mornings this year. Now in the evening it's not bad, a good deep point bite is common. Plus the catfish are just going nuts this year. I guess it's because of the heat. They're almost too easy. We've been doing some trolling trips too lately as I bought some new gear making it easy to troll more effectively. Trolling is great for the customer that wants to fish but also relax, Catfish are great for the customer who wants to catch a big fish or the guy who wants to have a big fish fry, then the Bass trips on the river or the lake are good for the guy who likes a challenge. Anyways, I'm available and have been working with 2 other guides a lot this year so we can get you on the water. Most of the trips have been simple 4 hour trips due to the time of the year.

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