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July/August 2023

So far this year we have had a solid year catching fish. The drought has made it challenging. So I have changed a lot of the places I fish and the ways we catch them. The outflow below Bagnell dam has colder water and I've been fishing down there some. It's only 60 degree water and in the bottom of a river valley so it's pretty cool. The bass aren't huge down there but the drum are huge. The combination of those two species are making for some memorable trips.

Up on the main lake the blue cats are biting really good. 20 feet down over 60 feet of water seems to be the magic. Bluegills make great bait and they last a pretty long time.

Bass and crappie on the main lake are ok. If I get an experienced fishermen that wants to catch them we can do that too. Trolling is okay super early in the morning for the inexperienced fishermen. Pitching underneath docks is working for the guys who fish a lot. Drop shots are pretty good too.


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