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Current is the key factor this year

This year has been one of the best years since I started guiding 16 years ago. The region has experienced a lot of rain which flooded many rivers above and below Lake of the Ozarks. Fortunately our lake is protected and doesn't have to deal with that and while I feel for the flood victims we are having some unbelievable trips because of the steady flow of current. Good bass fishing in particular. Just the other night I took out some young boys who had really only thrown bobbers and bait before and showed them how to use various lures and techniques to catch bass. We started off catching a bunch of average size bass around the docks. After I felt that they had a good handle on that we slowed down and up sized our offerings to attract the bigger bass. It worked perfectly. Now it's doesn't always but this year we are killing it more often than not. The crappie are doing fine which for this time of the year says a lot. The catfish are doing fine also. White bass and some hybrids recently showed up which are hard to rely on but sure are a lot of fun when they are around.

So much of my schedule is full for July but I've got a few mornings left and I'll run some evening trips also. The evening trips this time of the year are quick little 2 hour excursions. So that's not a lot of time but we usually do pretty well because it's right before the sun goes down. The fish are very predictable then. Boat traffic is a concern this time of the year. Hot afternoons and sun exposure are also concerns but it's all been working out. Also if you want to keep up to date with the latest find me on Facebook. I update that much more often than this site due to it's just so easy to up load several pictures . Everyone be safe out there as we have seen several accidents already this year. Good luck fishing and give me a call if you are looking for a guide. 573 434 2570.

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