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Spring 2018

I've been busy lately with a surprising shallow crappie bite right up on the banks. It's early in the year to see this as water temps are still in the low 40's. This past winter was a cold and long one but luckily very little snow. As we move into spring water temps have started to move up in certain areas along with some dirty water up the rivers. Crappie and bass are both shallow right on the banks. I caught a 5 pound bass yesterday in back of a cove with a black and blue jig in the muddy water. Last week we caught 100 big black crappie right on the bank in the clear water (lower end) of the lake. Should be a sign of things to come over the next couple months. Sunshine makes those dirty water fish hug the shore and bite crankbaits, jigs. In the clear water jerkbaits are the best way to go, maybe a finesse shaky head. For crappie I've been hooked on the corking technique for the last couple weeks. It's just a bobber but also a jigging technique that can produce some big black crappie real early in the year like this. Things rarely stay the same for long, I'm sure things will slowly progress as more and more fish push towards their spawning areas. I'm out there almost everyday so I see the changes little bit by little bit. One thing that needs to be mentioned right now is that if you can get lucky right now and pull up on the right spot you can load the boat with big ones. More than any other time of the year. The single biggest bass I have ever seen was middle march. 10lb11ounces. Good time to bring your lucky hat!

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