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February-Before the Rush

I'm one of those weird people that like February. The lake isn't busy, water temp is cold, the fish are unpredictable just like the weather is but with technology like FFS or Garmin Live Scope has made a big improvement to figuring out these fish in the winter. The banks are dead or at least it seems that way and if you're a bank beater you can struggle this time of year. With all the offshore brush on this lake, the big schools of shad and under water points, drop off and old creek channels have the fish doing their thing. When spring gets here in the next couple months that's fun too, but the boat ramps are going to be packed every weekend, fish will more spread out.  I like to use my fancy electronics and hunt for groups of them. My latest boat from White's Marine Center is kick butt. Garmin 8612, 8616 have me seeing under the water like never before. The boat is really unique because it a combination of a bass boat and a big water boat. Your traditional bass boats are like race cars. They're beautiful to look at with all the red glitter gel flake and they're super-fast. But they are lacking when it comes to fishing around docks and bringing several people with you. This Lund 2075 Pro V Bass is a lot more like a larger SUV. It's way more comfortable for people room. It has 4 good seats compared to 2 in bass boats. It's way more durable around the docks. But the biggest reason I bought the boat is it takes the waves better. That deep V cuts the waves better than bass boats. It's only 60mph but that's fast enough. 80% of the time I'm going 40mph anyways. My customers are loving this boat also. Last night I had a guide trip with a dad and his 18-year-old son. We were lighting the crappie up over in the state park. I had them both up there on the front deck casting away at schools of open water crappie and I had the remote-controlled trolling motor at the console unhooking fish. That was awesome! Last weekend I fished a bass tournament with my buddy Steve. We had a great day catching them on Damiki rigs, a rigs and a couple on the jerkbait. Dozen keepers and got 2nd place. Fun day, overcast skies, light wind temp in the 40s. Perfect. I'm going to stop writing and get ready for my next trip this afternoon. Hope they're biting like they were last night! Feel free to call or text me 573 434 2570


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