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Winter 2017 Update

Fishing has been good here lately as we have been experiencing a nice January. It was 65 yesterday but only 44 today. Water Temps have dropped to the low 40's. The lower end of Lake of the Ozarks has been the best area. The crazy good river bite we had last year has not returned this winter. I believe fish migrate a prior to this time of year and while they went upstream last year they went down stream this year. Small points inside the big creeks on the last 6 miles of the lake is where I am concentrating. Follow the wind to active fish and use your fish finder to locate areas with baitfish. Crappie are setting up in the same areas however they are relating to the docks and shade lines of the docks with a little wind. 9 feet down with deep water near by is great, if you side scan the docks try to find groups that are higher in the water column verses ones 30 feet down there.

Booking lots of trips for the 2017 season everyday so get your calendar and set up a day. My wife (Angela) is due to have a baby mid April, so I'll be taking off several days then but plan on working every day besides then.

I have taking out a few guys lately on guide trips and just fishing like Big Ed, Bill Copper the outdoor writer and Blaine Abbott with Bass Pro Shops. I've got several Bass Pro Shops appearances coming up so follow me on my facebook page for regular fishing reports information fishermen want to know about.

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