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The Spawn is on!

All over the Lake fish are spawning in shallow water, building nests, and protecting their young. Water levels have risen dramatically since early spring and water clarity has cleared off to some of the cleanest water I have even seen on Lake O. These factors are good but that doesn't always equate to easy fishing. I have been catching both bass and crappie out off the banks as well as up shallow. Many of the larger fish are still waiting for just the right moment to spawn here within the next few weeks. Soft Plastics have played a big role the last few weeks and should continue to be a major factor. Topwaters have at times been dominate, c-rigs, drop shots, swing heads it just depends on their mood. Crappie have been up shallow in the rivers for a few weeks now and are pretty beaten up. The main lake crappie are doing better now. White Bass up the rivers are fair. Should be up there spawning for a couple more weeks but I will warm you they will only bite minnows. Very particular since they are actually spawning now. That will get better as the season changes in late spring/early summer.

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