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Best winter fishing in years!

Ok that might be a little bit of an exaggreation but it has been awfully good for me. With all the dirty water throughout most of the lake the little spots that are clear are loaded with fish. Since I fish full time I have been able to spend the time and man hours to locate the clear water. Plus we have had a mild winter with periodic warming trends that have made it easier to spend a lot of time on the water. Ice on the lake has been limited to thin skim ice lasting just a few hours exept for a couple days a month ago. Several days in the 7 day forecast next week are predicted to be in the 50's and even 60's. As we go through these next 4 weeks of winter I know the end is near. By mid march cold front will still be a major factor but mild tempertures will dominate the normal weather pattern. The river sections will warm up before the main lake. We'll have to burn more gas to get to these special areas but fishing can be incrediably good at monents. Fish appear to be going though this winter in good shape because most of the fish I have been catching have been chunky, almost football shaped. I started seeing that last summer when we had all those rains. The fish were qrowing faster I guess because of the extra nutreants in the water. Let's hope they are able to have a good spawn in April. As of right now I have a great bite going on in the Grand Glaize arm, the Little Niangua and the big Niangua. Best crappie have been in the Gravois arm. Everything else has been horrible, almost not even worth fishing. Do not fish cold muddy water! That's one of the golden rules of fishing. We fished a BassingBob Tournament this past weekend and took 3rd place! Been working working on a lot of videos for YouTube also so keep posted!

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